AzureDevOps Services - Total Cost of Ownership

AzureDevOps Services - Total Cost of Ownership

AzureDevOps Services is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform from Microsoft that brings helps implement DevOps culture in a smooth manner. It facilitates a collaborative culture and allows teams to plan work, collaborate on code development and set processes for the build and deployment of applications. It provides integrated features that you can access through your web browser or IDE client.

AzureDevOps Services provides following services:
* Azure Repos
  Provides Git repositories or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) for source control of your code.
* Azure Pipelines
  Provides build and release services to support continuous integration and delivery of your applications.
* Azure Boards
  Provides a suite of Agile tools to support planning and tracking work, code defects, and issues using Kanban and Scrum methods.
* Azure Test Plans
  Provides several tools to test your apps, including manual/exploratory testing and continuous testing.
* Azure Artifacts
  Provides support for build artifacts storage and sharing into your pipelines. Supports Maven, npm, NuGet, etc.

The above features/services make AzureDevOps a widely accepted and used service for implementing DevOps processes and faster delivery of applications. Now let us look at the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) for AzureDevOps Services for a startup to small/medium size enterprise.

Microsoft offers most of the AzureDevOps Services free of cost (with limitations). Let's have a look at what you get for free:

Azure Pipelines
* 1 Free Microsoft-hosted CI/CD Agent/Job
* 1 Free Self-Hosted CI/CD Agent/Job
"1 Microsoft-hosted job with 1,800 minutes per month for CI/CD and 1 self-hosted job with unlimited minutes per month."
In case you need to upgrade to an unlimited Microsoft-hosted job, a $40 charge would be applicable. You may also buy an additional parallel/Microsoft-hosted job at the same charge in case you wish to do parallel builds or releases. It is worth noting that each job though with unlimited build minutes, can only process one build/release action at a time.
In case you need more self-hosted CI/CD agents attached to your AzureDevOps services account, a 15 per extra self-hosted CI/CD parallel job with unlimited minutes is charged.

Azure Artifacts
Microsoft offers free 2GiB space for artifact storage and sharing. In case you need more storage, the following prices apply:

  • 0 - 2 GiB = Free
  • 2 - 10 GiB = $2 per GiB
  • 10 - 100 GiB = $1 per GiB
  • 100 - 1,000 GiB = $0.50 per GiB
  • 1,000+ GiB = $0.25 per GiB

Azure Repos
Unlimited private Git Repos.

Azure Boards
Work item tracking and Kanban boards.

Azure Test Plans
It is charged as $52 per user per month.

User And Access Management
Now under the free tier, the first 5 users can access and collaborate on AzureDevOps Services for free. Post 5 users, a cost of $6 per user per month is applicable.
Important Fact: If a user is already a Visual Studio Subscriber, then that user accesses AzureDevOps Services for free and is not counted against free 5 users.

Now let us calculate TOC for AzureDevOps for a startup to Small/Medium size enterprise.
Azure Pipelines (1 unlimited job): $40
Azure Artifacts (10GiB): $16
Azure Test Plans (Not Opted): $0
First 5 users: $0
Visual Studio Subscribers (10): $0
------------Total: $56-----------

I hope you find this helpful and this makes helps your decision in making AzureDevOps Services your new DevOps implementation tool.

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