Microsoft updates its certifications

Microsoft updates its certifications

If you work on any of the services or products offered by Microsoft and are planning to sit for a certification exam, then this update is very important for you!

After reviewing the job tasks analysis (JTA) of the various roles who aim for role based certifications with Microsoft, Microsoft has decided to updates it’s certifications again. Microsoft analysed their previous certifications on the basis of relevance, technical accuracy and skills that should be measured for a role.

The new certifications will have some significant changes from the previous ones and would be more aligned with the refreshed and revisited JTA. The new certifications will soon role out in Beta phase and would be available at an 80% discount from the normal rates. Also, if your previous certification is about to expire, you get 2 years of extension by clearing the relevant new exam. The old exam won’t be rolled out immediately, but would cease to exist after 90 days from the launch of new certifications.


  • AZ-103 becomes AZ-104 (this update will be published in March)
  • AZ-203 becomes AZ-204 (this update will be published in late February)
  • AZ-300 becomes AZ-303 (this update will be published in March)
  • AZ-301 becomes AZ-304 (this update will be published in March)
  • AI-100 becomes AI-102 (this update will be published in March)

The exam and certification updates would be available on the Microsoft certifications page for everyone to review and schedule.


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