Recover your deleted blobs - Soft Delete - Azure Storage Blobs

Recover your deleted blobs - Soft Delete - Azure Storage Blobs

Soft Delete, a feature that can help you save the day by recovering the accidentally deleted blobs. Azure introduced this cool feature last year and ever since it has come into hands of Azure administrators, it made life pretty easier.

This cool feature offers easy recovery of your data when it is accidentally or erroneously modified or deleted by any application or storage account user.

When soft delete is turned on, this feature starts protecting the blobs right away. On every delete or modification operation on a file, a snapshot of the same file is stored on that same Azure storage account. This snapshot is not visible unless listed explicitly. The file can be recovered from that snapshot to the previous state. However, there’s a catch here. This snapshot shall be available on the storage account till the soft delete time period doesn’t expire. Once the file timestamp exceeds the soft delete expiration time, the file is automatically permanently removed from the storage account.

Impressed with this cool feature? Try it out at your enterprise today!

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