Spotlight Special: Coveo for Search!

Spotlight Special: Coveo for Search!

I recently came across an amazing integrated site search and indexing solution named Coveo. It’s an AI-driven platform that combines unified search, analytics, and machine learning to deliver relevant information and recommendations across every business interaction, making websites, eCommerce, contact centers, and intranets effortless and efficient.

If we talk about the main capabilities of this platform,

  • One box to search everything!
    Well, I have personally tried this! From one single search box, you can perform a search on almost anything! If you have configured the data source correctly and have provided the correct access, you can search almost anything, text or files, no matter its format or location.
  • Dynamic search interface
    With Coveo-powered search, you can automatically adjust to each query, reordering results and filters just way the you would like. Here you not only have the traditional basic search capabilities but also have AI-powered search that provides you the most relevant results. Also, Coveo provides you with capabilities to personalize your search results so your spotlight results always stay on the top.
    Your each search query goes through the following set of features so that you always get the best results:
    * Query Parameters
    * Thesaurus rules
    * Stop words
    * Filters
    * Ranking expressions
    * Featured results (My favorite!)
    * Ranking weights
    * Machine learning
    * Triggers
  • Proactive AI-powered recommendations
    If this doesn’t interests you, then nothing would! Let me tell you exactly what Coveo says “Whether it’s to provide relevant query suggestions, personalize the result ranking, enrich the navigation, or recommend additional products or content, there’s a machine learning algorithm for that. Relevance and findability constantly improve as Coveo learns from user behavior and recognizes intent patterns.”
    I think this provides a great idea what kind of super power you get when you use Coveo!

By now I think you must be wondering, hey how do I use it? If we talk about Coveo’s integration, then you would happy to know that it has a great integration and support for:
* Salesforce (Coveo actually loves Salesforce! – Coveo is a Salesforce Gold ISV Partner!)
* Sitecore (Again an amazing enterprise CMS product – Coveo is a Sitecore Platinum Technology Partner!)
* Adobe
* ServiceNow
* Zendesk
* And the most important! Commerce! Yeah you can use this for your “own” Amazon, Flipkart, etc)

By now, you must be wondering hey this product is getting too much of a hype! Have you implemented it yet for anywhere? Well the answer is yes! I have used Coveo for Sitecore for a few sites that are using Coveo and the results are impressive! I was so impressed that I actually went ahead and did a Coveo Fundamental Program. You can verify my credentials here: Coveo Fundamentals V2

If you are a Sitecore guy, then my next post is for you! In my next blog post, I will explain how to use Coveo with Sitecore 10.1 (Oh yeah, it’s going to be with Containers!)

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