AzureDevOps powershell stepUpChallenge

Configure & Run Self-Hosted Azure DevOps Agent Behind Proxy

With the growing security leaks and threats around the global, we are spending more and more time in securing our VMs and blocking unnecessary traffic to and fro from our VM, be it be in cloud or on on-premises. It is a very common case in enterprises that the IT team locks down the entire […]

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azure AzureDevOps powershell stepUpChallenge

Add/Update IP Restrictions on Azure WebApp Dynamically with PowerShell

Well, it’s exactly a month since my last post on estimation of parallel jobs on AzureDevOps. I was away all this while due to a shoulder injury. I got both my shoulders dislocated and was hospitalized due to that for quite some while. I finally got to working full time last week only and here […]

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azure AzureDevOps stepUpChallenge

How to estimate parallel jobs in Azure DevOps

Estimating parallel jobs for your Azure DevOps organisation is one of the trickiest question when trying to architect the build and release pipeline. First let’s get the finances right before we get on to the estimates. For an account in free tier, you get one free parallel job on Microsoft-hosted agents which will run for […]

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