Python stepUpChallenge

Post File to Slack Using Python

Hey there! Today, I’m here to discuss one of the several ways we have to post a file to slack channel. We can write script for the same in a lot of languages like PowerShell, Python, etc. And today, I’ll be discussing this using Python. Prerequisites? Well, we don’t have much of the prerequisites for […]

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azure stepUpChallenge

The Innocent Killer on Azure

Ever thought that a small feature can hand access of your sql server databases to anyone with an Azure account? Yes, you read it right, “anyone with an Azure account”. With this feature enabled, anyone on Azure network can access your SQL databases in Azure SQL Server from any of the Azure services. You might […]

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powershell stepUpChallenge

Send Message to Slack and Mattermost via PowerShell

This is one of the most searched and implemented logic when we talk about alerts or notifications. In our fast moving and busy schedule, we need alerts and notifications to directly come to us and update us for all kind of important updates. Gone are the days when we use to manually check and then […]

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