Why you should not miss Teacher's Day Azure Developer League 2021?

Why you should not miss Teacher's Day Azure Developer League 2021?

Microsoft’s September’21 Azure Developer League is worth checking. I believe it’s something that should not be missed and the new challenges coming into the play are the ones we all have been looking for. Plus completing these challenges gives you an opportunity to give a Microsoft certification exam for free.

Read till the end for a bonus!

Link To Challenge: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/campaign/azuredeveloperleague/

There are various challenges to complete and all are amazing!! Choose a challenge as per your interest and complete it between Sept 5 & Sept 11. Upon completing the challenge follow the steps mentioned on the challenge to update LinkedIn & filling a form to claim your exam voucher.

If you’re a DevOps guy, you must checkout the following:

  • Azure Administrator
  • Cloud native Development
  • Cloud Security
  • DevOps and GitHub
  • Well Architected Applications
  • Advanced Modules
    • Dockerized Web Applications
    • Secure Azure Kubernetes Cluster

The section Advanced Modules is completely new and offers challenge that are exactly aligned as per industry’s practical needs. So completing advanced modules is something worth doing and highly recommended.

Wait wait that’s not it!! If you complete the challenge and use your exam voucher to book your exam for a date on or before Sept 30, 2021, you’ll get a Swiggy meal voucher of worth INR1000. Once you have booked your exam, send the exam booking at cscindia@microsoft.com for meal voucher claim. Isn’t this cool? So just go ahead and start learning!!

Please read the complete details on official challenge page.

I hope the above information helps!

* Image credits: The images in this post are directly taken from Microsoft site and I don’t own any part of it. For any credits, please reach out to Microsoft.

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